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My Blood Glucose Log V 09/09/11 Trial version English
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This program allows you to easily record your bloodglucose values from your self-test kit. Along with each entry, you can recordthe date/time the event occurred, such as Pre-meal, exercise etc, as well as any medication you may have taken.

View the results and find the average. Obtain a report of your Glucose readings displaying your minimum, maximum, average and an Estimated A1C that can be saved and/or emailed to your Doctor.

You can export the data to your Palm's MemoPad as a CSV file. You may also enter personal information such as Name, Address, Drs Name and Phone, Meds taken and your next Doctors appointment.

You may enter up 2 different medications each with its own dose. Current features in this release (Build 30) includes: Easier Registration screen Add/Edit Medication by selecting 'Edit Meds.

. ' directly in the popup list. Medication Screen - Enter a default medication dose to be used when entering a reading. Data Entry Screen - Dose is automatically entered based upon the medication choosen.

My Blood Glucose Log is now Palm OS 5 compatible. Requirements:Palm OS 3. 1, OS 3. 5 or aboverecommended. This software is now released with a Platform Independent Installationprogram.

If you have a previous version of My Blood Glucose Log, the update to Version1. 9 is free. You can log into your account here to download the latest.

Send anemail with your HotSync ID to receive your registration code, if using a versionearlier than 1. 8. There is a Windows Desktop companion program available to Registered users(available separately at an additional cost).

This companion program allows youto view, print, export and archive your log data. Every time you HotSync, thedata entered on your Palm is available on your desktop.

Email OmegaSoftware@jbonin. comfor details. Please read the included ReadMe file for the latest information about this program and installation instructions.

This program is currently being used in the Australia, United States, Canada,Netherlands, Thailand, United Kingdom, Mexico, Finland, Spain, Hong Kong, Qatar,United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Ireland, New Zealand, Lebanon, Singapore,Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Malaysia and Switzerland, Belgium Sri Lanka, Germany,Philippines, France, Croatia and Ireland.

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